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A website is a powerful marketing and selling tool, when designed, developed, branded and spiced correctly.

We are one of the very few qualified team of website designers and developers in Nairobi. Most people assume that once you have a website, you have everything to succeed online. This is not the case.

Organizations also believe that once you have a website and a donation button on it, donors will start flooding in, ooh my, you will wait for that donation brother/sister.Entreprenuers too assume if you have your website, it will start bringing in new clients and soon you will be rich. Mislead!

There is so much into a successful website than merely putting together an open source software and calling it a website.Over years, we have handled clients with websites that have been online for more than two years but still, you cant trace the website even when searching it with their own names.

Imagine, searching on google “afriweb”, but instead you cant find anything related to afriweb. What do you expect?