Qualities of a Good website 2017-05-02T13:45:05+00:00

A good website?

What is a good website? What makes a good website? How do you design a good website? Who can design for me a good website? Literally, these are some of the questions any person planning to have his/her website will ask himself.

Whereas there is no standard for a good* website, there are some features that make a website stand out from the rest or better still, from competitors.

This is basically a highlight; add more in the comment box below.


Clear navigation is important for any website that wants to keep site visitors within the website. I hate websites that I have to struggle to find the links to necessary information that I am looking for. A simple and clear menu at the top of the website will make it easy for site visitors to move from one page to another. Most site owners may be tempted to have their site homepage cluttered with everything and anything making it difficult for site visitors to easily navigate pages. 


The first impression a site visitor gets is what will influence the ultimate engagement you have in future. Your homepage gives the opportunity to communicate to the world what your brand is.

Contact Information

People visit websites for several reasons. One is to look for information. If I am looking for web designers in Kenya I will simply use google, yahoo or bing to search for the best website developers in Kenya or Nairobi. Once I land to your website and like what you offer, please do not make it difficult for me to trace your contacts. If anything, your contacts should be screaming at the top of the website.


Everyone hates clutter. A simple and neatly arranged website will make the site visitors feel at home. Who wants to spend time on a page where they feel like wananyongwa*?

Interactive/feedback forms

You want people to visit your site? Halafu?. Make it easy for your site visitors to make inquiries from your site with ease. If you are advertising your products or services online, having an inquiry form next to your product or service information will encourage your site visitors to make inquiries. Unlike where a potential client has to login to third party mail service providers to send inquiries. A simple form like this one will encourage your client to contact you for business.

Active Links

Jesus! I hate it 404 ERRORS, those that say, page not found, or page under development. For heaven’s sake, if you don’t have content for a particular page, unpublish it, or if you have error pages, contact us and we will have you sorted

Domain Name

A domain name is your online ID, make it simple for your clients to remember. Assume a domain like wedoselloriginalblanketsandbeds.com as much as it communicates what you do, who wants to remember all those names anyway? A simple yet catchy domain name will be easily remembered by your clients and client to be.